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  Launceston Walking Tours that take you on a journey through the wonderfully entertaining history of Launceston are the creation of local historian and professional tour guide Geoff McLean. Geoff has a deep passion for Launceston and its history and takes great pleasure in being able to share his knowledge of Launceston. Geoff has been hosting history tour walks of Launceston since 2005 and not only has an unmatched knowledge but having lived in Launceston for the vast majority of his 52 years his life history is intertwined with that of Launceston. Geoff knows the stories and places others will not have the same experiences and knowledge about Launceston that he will share with on your guided Launceston history walks.

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In addition to the Launceston walking tours that Geoff conducts he is also a Tasmanian Aboriginal historian and a former lecturer in Aboriginal Studies at the University of Tasmania. He applies and shares the knowledge he has gained from research and local Aboriginal Elders on his Cataract Gorge walking tours where you will be able to find out about Aboriginal cultural connections. As part of those experiences Geoff will identify foods and resources Aboriginal people utilised in the local area. You will even have the opportunity to taste some of the bush tucker on offer and create your own personal mementos from natural resources.

Tours to suit most

Tour walking walk tour Launceston walk tour walk walking tour guided walking walk tour Launceston walking tour walk guided tour walk walking guided

  Our Launceston history walks most popular guided tour is the 'Prince's to the Park Tour' that begins in the wonderfully historic and appealing Prince's Square precinct with the beauty of the Square and incredible collection of historic churches, buildings and people. It will take you through the heart of central Launceston as the tour highlights the magnificent architecture and stories of the characters who are part of the fabric of Launceston's unique history, including a ghostly tale or two. The tour will finish in the serenity of the City Park where there is the option to take an extended guided tour of its key features.

The unique 'Beyond the Gorge Tour' will take you to places that even locals do not know about. You will visit the Hidden Valley and stand in a 10 000 year old river bed and then explore Giant's Grave.  A key element of this tour is the identification of Aboriginal cultural connections such as foods and resources.

If you have the time then why not combine both tours and spend a few leisurely hours exploring the history of Launceston and the nature of Cataract Gorge. It will give you lifelong memories of some wonderful places.

School Experiences

Tour walking walk tour Launceston walk tour walk walking tour guided walking walk tour Launceston walking tour walk guided tour walk walking guided

You are invited to bring your students along on the wonderful and engaging learning experiences we provide in Launceston's iconic Cataract Gorge that are relevant to a range of curriculum areas.

The experiences include Aboriginal cultural connections and identifying native foods/resources; geology of the Gorge; Aboriginal history; visit the Hidden Valley; modern developments and a 'treasure hunt'.

In addition to that we also provide an art session using natural ochres for painting and 'Snotty Vine' for making 'memory wreaths'.

In addition to the Cataract Gorge experiences we can also provide history walking tours of Launceston that take in key moments in history and showcase amazing historic sites such as Prince's Square and the City Park.

Contact Geoff to find out what he can provide for you and your classes.

Aboriginal Cultural Awareness training and Testimonials

Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training


We provide Aboriginal Cultural Awareness training for small, medium and large businesses. There is no better place to do that than the wonderful and iconic Cataract Gorge in Launceston.

We also offer tailored tours to suit you or your group be it walking or on a coach.



Still not convinced that you need to do one of our unique tours?  Visit this page to see what others have have said about their experiences of our wonderful walking tours of the Cataract Gorge in Launceston.

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How to get a tour

Numbers are limited for each tour so don't miss out, book now either by phone or via email.

Wallaby Walkabout Tours

Cataract Gorge, Basin Rd, West Launceston Tasmania 7250, Australia

0439 979 183

Tour times and prices

From October to March the tour schedule is as follows:

9.30am - Prince's to Park Tour (90 minutes*): $30*

1.30pm - Beyond the Gorge Tour (45 minutes#): Free**

4.30pm - Prince's to Park Tour (90 minutes*): $30*

Flexibility with times is available depending bookings. Email or call to find out daily availability.

In winter from to April to September tours are conducted on an on demand basis. Give us a call or send an email to find out more.

*There is the option to extend the tour by 30 minutes to take in the City Park for an additional $10.

**You decide the fee based on how much you enjoyed the experiences provided.

#This tour can be expanded depending on your areas of interest and available time.

Group and family rates are available for all tours.

Email a booking here


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