Tours of Launceston


Launceston Walking Tours

Come on a leisurely walk through the history of Launceston  that takes you through the heart of the city centre.  Hear about the history of Launceston as you walk through Prince's Square and round its history precinct of medical marvels and wonderful old churches.

You will walk through Launceston's history from colonial times to more contemporary eras. Find out about not only the amazing collection of architecture but also the fascinating characters who are intertwined into the unique history of Launceston. Discover who faced off a naval lieutenant in a duel and  who actually founded Melbourne and how he was a pioneer  for much of what we have today.

Launceston Walking Tours for Schools

Bring your class along on a walk through the history of Launceston that is suitable for Grade 2 upwards. The walk of Launceston's history can include whatever it is you are focussing on for your class. Call or email Geoff for more about what sort of history walk in Launceston best suits your needs.

Cataract Gorge Walking Tours

Come and explore the hidden gems of the Cataract Gorge on a walking tour to the Hidden Valley and Giant's Grave.  This tour can be a short 45 minute experience or longer, depending on what your interests are. The walking tour special interest area are the Aboriginal Cultural Connections to the Cataract Gorge and will identify bush foods and resources, some of which can be tasted.

Cataract Gorge School Experiences

Bring your class into the natural environment of the Cataract Gorge and have a live experience of nature and Aboriginal Cultural Connections to the Cataract Gorge.  The experiences will include identifying bush foods and resources while on a short walking tour that ventures into the Hidden Valley.  

In addition to the walking tour your students can take part in painting with ochre, working with 'Snotty Vine' and take part in a treasure hunt that interacts with key elements of the First Basin area. The days experiences can also link into the First People's Exhibition at the QVMAG.

Call or email us to find our what we can offer you and your students.

Coach Tours

If you have a coach tour and would like to add a new and engaging element then engage us to be your guide around Launceston while your guests relax in the comfort of their coach. We can provide exclusive video and photos to enhance the experience.